What is Forex Odyssey Trading System (FXO)?

FXO is a trading system designed to introduce new and intermediate level traders to the Forex market using easy to follow, mechanical rule-based strategies.

The first two strategies are based on daily charts and trades entered using these strategies are therefore of longer-term duration. They cater to those traders who desire clear and precise entry points to be plotted directly on the price chart, and although automatic (robot) entries are possible, they are discouraged in favour of manual entries based on the signals generated. This allows for discretion and guidance by Vertue Trading support staff in the event less than ideal market conditions prevail, and adjustments to the strategies are required. These discretionary tactics will be taught to traders in the live trade call sessions, and the twice-weekly support sessions, all of which will be recorded.

Three of the five strategies use discretionary entries (although strict rules for entry are provided). These strategies do not plot entry levels and are designed for those traders who wish to take their trading knowledge beyond the purely mechanical entry level. All five strategies however, manage the trade exits via profit targets and trailing stop loss orders.
Aside from the five strategies, the package consists of five proprietary technical indicators, three dedicated expert advisors, six DVD video tutorials, a 148+ page training manual, a real-time updating position size calculator, a personalised trading plan, and an online, spreadsheet-based, trading journal. Live, daily online trade updates, and two online classroom sessions per week will provide traders with comprehensive support.

Traders will learn...

  • What the Forex market is, and how to profit by trading it.
  • What they need to start trading; tools of trade, etc.
  • How to maximise profits using positive risk:reward, and minimise risk via a sensible money management strategy.
  • How to reduce information overload, and simplify technical analysis.
  • How to execute trades into the market simply and efficiently.
  • How to use the FXO proprietary indicators to maximise probability.
  • How to write and maintain, a trading plan.
  • How to measure and track performance with a trading journal.
  • Where to find up-to-date news and resources to help with their progression.